Research interests

Microbiota studies on bees; searching and investigation of microorganisms with biocontrol and probiotic properties; identification of microorganisms by applying molecular methods; studies on the nutritional composition of bees and their products; purification of enzymes by applying affinity chromatography.

Annotation of the doctoral dissertation

The aim of the doctoral studies is to investigate the relationship between the microbiota of honey bee drones and hive communities as well as food safety. The main objectives of this thesis are to study the total microbiota of honey bee drones at different developmental stages, to carry out the isolation and identification of culturable microorganisms and investigate microorganisms with biocontrol and probiotic properties, to study the nutritional composition of honey bee drones and to carry out an analysis of the honey bee drones microbiological contamination by optimizing their technological treatment.

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International scientific conferences:

  1. International conference organized by the Lithuanian Society of Biochemists – XVIth International Conference of the Lithuanian Biochemical Society „Biochemistry Targeting Diseases“. Poster presentation: V. Lapinskaitė, D. Tauraitė, J. Urbonavičius „Enzymatic N-demetylation of caffeine mediated by Ndm proteins“. Book of Abstracts: page 50.