Laboratory of Biodeterioration Research

The main research areas relate to the ecological and biological properties of fungi, yeast and bacteria in natural and anthropogenized ecosystems, as well as biodiversity and functioning of microorganisms on uncommon substrata or in polluted environments. The research pursued by the laboratory also includes the search for microorganisms that deteriorate natural and synthetic polymeric materials and produce biologically active substances. Researchers investigate the potential of microorganisms able to be used in biotechnology, asses the microbiological state of residential and occupational environments, and search for measures that inhibit the activity of harmful microorganisms.

Laboratory research staff is involved in conducting joint business and research projects. The laboratory participates in preparing highly qualified specialists. Laboratory researchers have developed, standardized and are regularly updating the database of microorganisms (micromycetes, yeasts and bacteria), which ensures the integrity of research data and improvement of the R&D activities system. The collection of microorganisms maintains over 2500 strains of micromycetes, yeasts and bacteria species. Every year, the collection is supplemented with new species and strains able to function on different substrata and possessing specific properties with application features.  Laboratory services are available to inside and outside users performing or intending to perform innovative economic activities, as well as to students, PhD students and trainees of other research and higher education institutions.

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