Research interests

Various palaeoenvironmental research which include: pollen and spore, NPP analyses, lithological (loss-on-ignition, grain size, magnetic susceptibility) and geochemical composition of sediments analyses. The investigated objects are bottom sediments of lakes and bogs, soil and archaeological layers. The researched period includes lateglacial, interglacial, Holocene, Anthropocene. Application of various simulations, visualization of multi-proxy research data and reconstructions of chronological sequences are used in order to evaluate the development of vegetation and environment, dynamics of ecosystems, perform climate reconstructions, establish causality and relationships of fixed changes with factors of local significance and global scale

Paleoclimate, paleoecology, geology, geochemistry, palynology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, sedimentation basins, Quaternary geology, geochronology, lithology, magnetic susceptibility.

-Reconstructions of  the history of vegetation in the context of natural and anthropogenic environment.

-Understanding of the (a)biotic parameters response to environmental changes  including changes of the climate in space and time

-The evaluation of the interdependence of biotic and abiotic environmental parameters.

-Assessment of the changes fixed in the (a)biotic environment in relation to various-scale natural (astronomical, global, regional, and local) and anthropogenic factors.

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