Research interests

Nano- and micro-sized derivatives, metal mixtures, (micro-) nanoplastics, pharmaseuticals, wastewater, etc. testing of newly developed products; investigation of these toxicans interactions, accumulation mechanisms and effects on crustaceans (Daphia magna, Ostracoda…) and fish (Danio rerio, Salmo trutta fario, Salmo trutta trutta, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Salmo salar, Esox lucius, Anguilla anguilla, Acipenser oxyrinchus...) in all stages of their development using complex of physicochemical and biological evaluation methods; sustainable acute and long-term studies; application of various statistical and toxicity methods (morphophysiological, cardiorespiratory, behavioral, vitality, blood analysis, etc.); pollution risk assessment; search and analysis of specific patterns of grouping and regulation of nanoparticles.

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