Dispersion of hazardous substances, pathogens and other stressors in a changing environment: environmental risk assessment and remediation (POLLUTION)

Objectives of the programme:

  1. To gain new fundamental knowledge to scientifically substantiate environmental quality preservation in conditions of global climate change and anthropogenic pressure by conducting complex research into the dispersion of hazardous substances (chemical and radioactive), pathogenic (micro-) organisms and other stressors in the environment.
  2. To assess biodiversity and its dynamics, to forecast environmental quality trends and to scientifically substantiate the recommendations set out in state strategic documents on options and measures for controlling environmental quality and ensuring social well-being based on the findings of the environmental pollution impact analysis covering various ecosystem levels (from separate biota components to ecosystems).
  3. To improve environmental risk assessment methodologies, to maintain databases related to pollution phenomena and environmental quality and risk assessment, to pursue the scientific knowledge-based discourse on pollution risks and environmental quality thereby encouraging society to rationally apply scientific knowledge in practice.