Research interests

During my undergraduate and master studies, I have been interested in the knowledge about the morphological and molecular diagnosis of haemoparasites mainly in reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Additionally, phylogenetic relationships of distinct groups of haemoparasites in these hosts and, the development of methodological approaches for molecular diagnosis.

Parasitology, Molecular biology, Ornithology, Herpetology  

Annotation of the dissertation

The aim of the thesis is to obtain new knowledge on the diversity, distribution, morphological and molecular characterization, transmission and pathogenicity of Lankesterella and Leucocytozoon blood parasites.

The project will result in:

– new data on morphological and molecular characterization of these avian blood parasites;

– knowledge about parasite diversity of these two groups of avian blood parasites in different bird species;

– pathogenicity Lankesterella and Leucocytozoon lineages;

– identification of their potential vectors;

– better understanding of Lankesterella and Leucocytozoon parasite life cycles.

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Scientific articles published in journals (books), indexed in „Clarivate Analytics Web of Science“ database (with citation index, without NRC affilation):

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Other reviewed scientific publications (books, books‘ chapters, collections of articles, articles, textbooks and etc.):

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  1. 2019 – An introduction to statistical data processing using R and Excel.
  2. 2018 – Principles of basic immunology and their clinical application.
  3. 2017 – Biodiversity: Education, research and outreach for tomorrow.
  4. 2014 – Science Writing Workshop.

International scientific conferences:

    1. 2022. 5th International Conference for Malaria and Related Haemosporidian Parasites of Wildlife, Bielefeld, Germany.
    2. 2021. SEMINARIO APICOMPLEXOS (Virtual), Brasilia, Brazil.
    3. 2019. 5th Bogota Microbial Meeting BoMM, Bogotá, Colombia.
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    5. 2017. First International Congress of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Americas, Bogotá, Colombia.
    6. 2016. Biology Degree Projects Symposium 2016-II, Bogotá, Colombia/ Molecular data as a tool for increasing knowledge and conservation of biological diversity, Bogotá, Colombia.
    7. 2015. Neotropical Ornithological Congress, Manaus, Brazil.
    8. 2014. 4th Colombian Zoology Congress, Cartagena, Colombia.